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Material Quality Check: Inspecting the Materials

Last Updated: August 31, 2023

Inspecting the Materials

Before proceeding with the inspection of materials, below is an outline of the materials quality check form that provides a clear overview for users. This form section includes a brief description to guide you through the process:

Materials Quality Check Form Outline

UserForm SectionDescription
Warehouse StaffHeaderUse the PO Number field to filter the material you are looking for.
Materials ListThis section pulls items that are labeled as For Quality Check from the Work Order Materials record.

Make sure that the proper form access settings are enabled to each user. You can check and edit the form’s Access Settings.


When the materials are labeled as For Quality Check, they should be inspected thoroughly by the QA Inspectors or Warehouse Personnel before they can be released to the site. Materials that failed the inspection will be routed to the Return to Supplier process.

To begin with the inspection of materials, follow the outlined steps:

Head to the Site Materials module (Project Sidebar> Site Materials) and select Material Quality Check.

Fig. 1: Site Materials Module
On the Material Quality Check summary page, click on Create Ticket. This will open the Materials Quality Check form.

Fig. 2: Materials Quality Check Summary Page
The form shows the available materials for quality checking. You may search for the material you are looking for by entering its PO Number on the PO Number field or you can go directly to the Materials List section.

Fig. 3: Materials Quality Check Form
You can select Load More to show more materials in the list, or Load and Select All to automatically select all materials available in the form.

Tick the checkbox of each material available for quality checking and update the following fields:

To see these following fields, drag the rectangular icon located at the bottom to the right.

PO Line Item StatusFrom For Quality Check, change the status to Closed once the item is inspected.
Rejected QuantityThe amount of rejected materials due to certain issues.
ReasonFor rejected materials, include the reason if they are Quality or Overstock issues. If Others is selected, fill out the Others field and include the description of the issue.

Fig. 4: Material Quality Check - Materials List Form Section
Once done, click on Submit Ticket to complete the quality inspection.

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Updated on: 21/09/2023

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