Last Updated: June 8, 2022

UserForm SectionDescription
Warehouse StaffHeaderUse the PO Number field to filter the material you are looking for.
xxMaterials ListThis section pulls items that are labeled as For Quality Check from the Work Order Materials record.

How to log material inspections
Head to Site Materials module (Project Sidebar > Site Materials) and select Material Quality Check.

On the Material Quality Check summary page, click on Create Ticket. This will open the Materials Quality Check form.
The form shows the available materials for quality checking. You may search for the material you are looking for by entering its PO Number on the PO Number field.

Tick the box beside the material you are receiving and review the details by scrolling to the right.

PO Line Item StatusFrom For Quality Check, change the status to Closed once the item is inspected.
Rejected QuantityThe amount of rejected materials due to certain issues.
ReasonFor rejected materials, include the reason if they are Quality or Overstock issues. If Others is selected, fill out the Others field and include the description of the issue.

You may choose to reject the material based on its quality. If the material has defects, you may reject it and update the PO Line Item Status field to Closed.
Update the quantity of the materials you rejected. If any materials are rejected, select a Reason for the rejection.
Once done, click on Submit Ticket.
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