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Step 1: Use Template for Inventory Transfer.

You can also search and filter a template when you click on the types of solutions and category.

Step 2: Fill-out the Information Setup:

- You can add a short Description to your solution to give the users an idea of what the template is all about. (optional)
- Tags are like keywords used to easily search for a template. (optional)


You just need to rename the Workflow Name, since the workflow name already exists. Then select a Category, and/or add optional Description and Tags.

After filling-out the Information Setup, save it and click on Proceed to successfully install the template. It will redirect you to the workflow's Form Builder and Process Flow which you can still further customize, and User Settings where you need to assign users in each process step, before publishing it.

Once you publish the workflow, the Solution will appear in the SOLUTIONS section of the dashboard. Click the solution name to expand and click on Records tab.

If you are the Record Owner, you can directly add data to the records and set who has the rights to access this form.

If by chance you encounter a blank record page, you can check out the Members tab to see the Record Owner and ask them to give you an access in the record.

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