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Inventory Setup Records
Navigating to the Steer Inventory Setup Records

Steer Sidebar > Setup

To set up your inventory setup records for the Site Materials module, fill out each required field found in each of the following records below:

Inventory Master
The Steer Inventory Master record lists down all materials in the inventory, including their respective stocks, and vendor information. This record is used as a reference for stock counts, unit costs, and project materials. As a master record, this record will be used across all Steer Site Materials workflows.

This record is the only Master Record in this list and is separate from the Setup records. This record can be found by going to:

Steer Sidebar > Site Materials

The Inventory Master contains the following fields:
Item CodeThe code of the material in the inventory
Item NameThe name of the material
Item TypeThe type of the material (i.e., raw material, equipment, tool, etc.)
Item CategoryThe category of the material in terms of project usage (Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)
DescriptionThe material description or specification to identify the material as unique
Unit of MeasureThe basic unit of measure used to quantify the materials across the inventory record
Unit PriceThe price per unit of the material
CostThe overall cost of procuring the material
ProjectThe project where the material is planned to be used
StatusThe status of the material if it is currently being used (Active) or not (Inactive)
VendorThe vendor or supplier of the material
Vendor Part NumberEnter the material's vendor part number if applicable
UPC CodeBarcode number
Warranty DaysThe material's warranty duration
Item URLInclude the material's URL if applicable
ImagePhoto attachment of the material

Inventory Category
Steer’s construction solution suite provides the data template for listing inventory categories. This record is used to categorize each inventory item by designating them to their proper allocated use. The Steer Inventory Category record is attached to the Steer Inventory Item(link) and Steer Inventory Master List(link) records.

Inventory Category
Category ID

Inventory Supply Type
Steer’s construction solution suite provides the data template for listing down specific inventory supply types, such as raw materials, equipment, or tools. This record is primarily used for inserting another layer of categorization to your materials, making them easier to search for more specific items in your inventory.

Supply Type

Unit of Measure
The basic unit of measurement is used for the items present in the inventory.

Unit of Measure Code
Unit of Measure Description

The list of vendor or supplier information of the materials or inventory item.

Vendor ID
Vendor Name
Vendor Class
Contact Person
Contact Number
Email Address
Supply Type

Vendor Bank
The bank details of each vendor that you are currently in business with.
Vendor Name
Account Name
Account Number

Vendor Class
This record functions as an identifier of the vendor as to what class or type of items are they supplying

Vendor Class ID
Vendor Class

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