Last Updated: November 26, 2021

Browser Compatibility and recommendations

If you have a browser on your machine, you can readily use QuickReach. You can use Steer on the following browsers:

Google Chrome version 30 and above
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge

We also recommend the following specifications on the device:

OS: Windows 10 and above or Mac OS Catalina and above

For mobile phones, we recommend the following minimum specifications:

Android 8 (Oreo), with at least 23 MB free space
iOS 13, with at least 26 MB free space

Active Directory integration

We're working on making it easier for you to add your organization members. This is an upcoming feature, so stay tuned!

Integrations available on Steer

When integrating with other systems, Steer supports both API and RPA integration. We are also working on allowing 3rd-party integration apps such as Zapier.

Steer and RPA

You can readily use Steer as it enables better customer service with the help of RPA that provides your automated processes with improved efficiency, while being capable of handling voluminous amount of data.

Steer and 3rd-party analytics

Your business might need more robust data processing for modelling. Steer can easily integrate to any report builder and analytics program that you have, provided that the program has an available API.

Viewing files on mobile: visible via Google Drive

You can download files in your mobile device and view it in Google Drive. This way, you can easily share and link the downloaded file to the users that also need to view the data record.

Size limit of attachments in forms

You can upload files and attachments in your form up to 25 MB. Following are the supported formats in the system that you can upload: ".jpg", ".jpeg", ".png", ".bmp", ".pdf", ".doc", ".xlsx", ".xlsm", ".xml", ".txt", ".docx"

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