Last Updated: February 16, 2021

After logging in on Steer, you will be directed to its Dashboard where you can see some of its basic features.

1. Create Button
- This will direct you to the Solution Builder to build a solution, record app, and workflow app in one go. (applicable to users with admin and editor access)

2. Request Button
- Lets you submit a ticket request using the templates you were given access to.

3. User Guide
- This will direct you to Steer's helpdesk where you can browse for articles / documents to guide you with your concerns regarding the system.

4. Ticket List
- This is where all the tickets you submitted are listed. You can also view the current status of your ticket here.

5. Worklist
- The Worklist functions as your basic task list. This is where you can see all the tickets assigned for your approval.

6. Global Reports
- This is where you can create and generate reports from your workflows and records.

7. Unassigned
- Contains the workflows and records that were not assigned in a solution.

8. Solution Management
- This is where you can find all the solutions, and manage all the workflows, records, and datasets assigned in the solutions. This is also where you can create a workflow and a record app.

9. Board
- This will redirect you to a board that shows all the workflows, and tickets assigned under each workflow.

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