Last updated: November 26, 2021

Don't know how to get started with your trial? Here is a quick guide for you and your team on how to maximize your trial with QuickReach:

A suggested plan on how to get started with your 14-day trial period

Day 0: Before you start your trial

Consider the process you want to digitize: do you need to get real-time updates on field personnel? Do you need to automate parts requesting? You can view our list of templates ready for your industry here.

Day 1: Create and test a solution

Create your solution using our templates and invite a team to test it. We recommend keeping it small for now (between 3 to 5 users) so that you can actively measure participation and usability. With a smaller team, you can also gather feedback about your apps and solutions faster.

You can learn how to install an FSM solution here.

Day 2 to 3: Build your records

Each solution has records included. All you need to do would be to build them. You can enter them one by one, or import them via CSV. Just make sure that the structure of your records matches that in QuickReach. 

Learn how to add records here.

Day 4 to 7: Simulate your process with the solution

Simulate requests while on the field. Test the whole workflow both on web and on mobile for usability and routing. Is the routing correct? Are the form fields correct?

Learn how to create a case here.

Day 8: Reconfigure the solution

Update the form and routing for anything that can be auto-populated instead of being manually filled out.

Tip: you can use Global Search field configuration to auto-populate your product or service records, while you can use System form elements for things such as the current date and time.

This is also when you can decide whether to allow your customers to fill out the request form themselves. You can check out how to do this here.

You can also use this feature for anyone else that needs to submit requests or cases to you, such as your suppliers, vendors, or partners. Learn how to invite them here.

Day 8 to Day 10: Test the solution again with test customer data

Add some test customer records and simulate the whole process. If you will give access to your customers, suppliers, or partners, is the form displaying the correct information?

Day 10: Feedback Session 2

As with the previous feedback session, discuss with your team about what worked and what didn't work with the new iterations of the process. Should there be more or less information that has to be on the form since most of these can already be automatically fetched from the data manager?

Day 8 to Day 10: Continue reconfiguring process, consider automations

Continue to test your process and reconfigure it as needed. You might also want to start considering which parts of your process will need automation, SLA, and the work scheduler.

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