Last Updated: May 18, 2022

How to Update and Assign Tasks
Actor: Site Manager

Use the Task Management workflow to see the most recent tasks that need to be assigned to a resource.

To assign resources to tasks, go to Projects located on the sidebar and select the project where you would like to check a task.

On the Project page, head to the sidebar once again and click on Quality and Safety under Solutions.

Under the expanded list, select Task Management workflow.

On the Task Management workflow, click on Create Ticket to open the form.

The Task Management form pulls items from the Task record:
items with To Do as their current status
items that need to be assigned to a resource
punch list, change orders, items for rework

You may use the Task List section of the form to filter tasks if you're looking for a specific task that you want to update.

Tick the checkbox beside the Task that you wish to update the assigned status. You may update more than one task.

Scroll to the right. Check and update the following fields if needed:

Start date: If the task start date needs to be edited.
End date: If the task end date needs to be edited.
Assigned to: Assign the task to available personnel.
Status: Update the status of the task.

Assigning Resource

Changing Task status to "Assigned"

If nothing shows on the Assigned To dropdown, check your Resource record if it contains any data.

Once you’re finished, click on Submit Ticket button update the selected tasks in the Task record.

All Tasks that are tagged as Completed are routed to the Inspection workflow.
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