Last Updated: May 20, 2022
The entire Inspection Request workflow is shared by two Actors: the Project Manager and the Inspector. This article covers the entire process of the Inspection Request.

I. Pre-Inspection: Project Manager
II. Inspection: Inspector
III. Post-inspection Confirmation: Project Manager

Actor: Owner's Representative / Project Manager
On Steer, Developers can initiate the Inspection process once the Contractor has tagged a work package as complete.

I. Pre-Inspection
Once a work package is marked as complete, log in to Steer and go to the Project where you need to conduct the inspection.
On the Project dashboard, go to the sidebar and select Quality and Safety and click on Inspection Request workflow.

On the Inspection Request workflow page, select Create Ticket to pull the form.
The form calls data directly from the Gantt chart. It shows all individual tasks that are tagged as 100% complete. Check all tasks that are under the work package that you need to inspect and submit the ticket.

Once the ticket is submitted, the Inspector will proceed to check each task and update their status accordingly if they passed or failed the inspection.

II. Inspection
Actor: Inspector
Once the request is submitted, the Inspector will now proceed to check each task on the list.
While walking through the tasks, go to the Inspection Request workflow's workboard tab. Go through each task in the inspection checklist and tag each item as accordingly on their work state.

If a task needs an additional work to be considered as complete such as minor fix or adjustments, you can add a punch list item.
Once all inspection of selected tasks are complete, add the Date of Inspection and the Inspection Result field under the Inspection Details section. Then, select if the inspected tasks Passed or Failed overall.

If the inspection passed, the Contractor can bill the Developer of the inspected work package.
If the inspection passed but the Inspector added a punch list item concerning the inspected work package, that task must first be completed and inspected before the Contractor can initiate the billing process.
If the inspection failed, the inspected tasks will be subject for rework, which will once again undergo another round of inspection.

Once done, approve the ticket by clicking on the green check mark above the form.

III. Post-inspection Confirmation
Actor: Project Manager
After the inspection, the Project Manager receives the list of inspected tasks and their updated status.
Go to the Inspection workflow's workboard tab and select Confirmation under the Task List panel to see the post-inspection ticket statuses.

Review the ticket and the status of each task. Then, include your signature on the form before approving the ticket to confirm the inspection.

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