Last Updated: May 18, 2022

On Steer, the construction inspection process involves the Contractor and the Developer in terms of completing the task and initiating the inspection of the work packages.

The Contractor first marks a work package in the Gantt as completed, then the Developer initiates the inspection by creating an Inspection Request. This request prompts the Inspector to check all tasks under a certain work package.

During the inspection process, the Inspector may conclude that the tasks under the cleared work package as:
Pass: the task is completed satisfactorily and the work package will be cleared for payment
Pass with Punch List: the task passed but requires additional punch list task
Fail: the task will be back up for rework

Until the tasks under the entire work process all passed the inspection, only then can the work package be ready for payment, which shall be initiated by the Contractor.

The inspection process from the Developer's POV:
Pre-inspection: Once they are notified of the completed work package, the inspector uses the Inspection Request workflow on Steer. (see full article)
Inspection: They mark each task on the task list as _Completed, Failed, Undefined, Suspended, or Waiting. (see full article)
Inspection: If any additional issues are seen by the inspector, they can add a Punch List task via the Design Plan drawing for the Contractor. (see full article)
Post-inspection: The Project Manager confirms the updated status of the tasks after the inspection, (see full article)
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