Last Updated: November 8, 2021

After successfully creating a data model, the next step is to design your reports.

Step 1: To create a Report, go to the Reports page on the Builder's sidebar and click the Create Report button.

Step 2: From the Reports Builder page, select Table View and click Continue.

Step 3: On the Data Selection page, create a name for your Report and select a data model that you would like to base your report on. Then, check all fields that you would like to appear on your report. Once done, click Continue

Note: The fields that you linked in creating a Data Model are checked by default since these fields are required to generate the report.

Step 4: On the Columns Setting page, you may start to configure how the data will be displayed on you Report. In this step, you may do the following:
rearrange the order of data by dragging and dropping each field by the double horizontal lines under the Action Column,
edit the following fields:
Alias - change the name of the field as it appears on the report
Operation - for fields with numerical values, perform Total, Average, Minimum, and Maximum computations / for text fields, perform Count to enumerate the fields.
Group - select which column you would like to apply the selected operation

Once done, click on Continue.

Important: You must change the name of one of the two fields that share the same alias (i.e., EmployeeID as shown in the screenshot below) in order to publish the report.

Step 5: On the Preview and Publish page, you can see how your report should look like before publishing it. You can also choose to return to Step 4 if you wish to make any changes to your report. Once you are finished, click Publish and you can now view your report on the Report page.

Overview: Global Reports

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