Last Updated: August 2, 2021

We understand that you can be processing very important and sensitive data. At Steer, we value your privacy. Here's how we ensure the integrity of your data in our system.

Data encryption and information access
Backup and data deletion
User authentication and authorization
Database protections
Network protection

1. Data encryption

Steer is compliant with global standards when it comes to data privacy, without compromising on flexibility. Your data is encrypted and securely stored in a Microsoft Azure database, with endpoint encryption (TLS). By default, transparent data encryption (TDE) is enabled in our database. Data is encrypted at rest, as well as doing real time encryption and decryption of data.

We cannot access your account credentials, and we cannot access your account without your permission. We do not handle your credit card information as you pay us directly via PayPal.

2. Backup and Data Deletion

We have rigorous standards in place to ensure continuous services during deployment. We will also inform you ahead of time of any scheduled deployment for app updates. We also take care to back up any information before deploying.

Should you need your data deleted, you can send a request to

3. User authentication and authorization

For user authentication, we use OpenIDConnect and OAuth2.

4. Database protections

Azure handles our infrastructure security. We also use Azure monitoring services to alert us of threats and vulnerabilities.

5. Network protection

Steer is deployed as sets of services in kubernetes deployed in Azure VNet and so benefits the security infra in place by Azure.

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