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Creating Subtotals in the Data Grid

Last Updated: December 16, 2021

You can create subtotals for your data grids with a few simple steps of adding your input and operations, and then defining where the total should appear.


After creating the data grid, you must have at least two text fields configured as the Number type.

A text field form element, configured to accept only numbers

Alternatively, you can set up dropdowns, radio buttons, or cascading form controls that use the Expression Builder. Check out this article to learn how to setup the Expression Builder in these controls.

Next, you must set up a Label form element to add the two cells you want to add together.

The label form element configured to add two cells together


Step 1: Add a label with the Formula Builder enabled to sum up the input fields.

The Label form element has the Has Lookup Toggle. Turn this on to show the Formula Builder

Step 2: Add a text field with the Number type. This is where the total for your grid will appear.

You will only be able to select the fields configured as Number in the next step.

Step 3: Click of the gear icon on the right side of the Data Grid. This will open the settings pop-up for the data grid. Turn on the toggle for Has Totals, and then click on Add Configuration.

Configuring the Totals

Step 4: In the Data Grid Control dropdown, select the column which you want to total.

Select the column you want to add up

Step 4: Then, in the Form Control dropdown, select the field where you want the total to be displayed. Click on OK and then publish your workflow app.

Choose the form element where you want to display the total

The formula builder will automatically compute the total with each row added to the table.

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Configuring the Formula Builder Using Label and Text Field Elements
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Updated on: 16/12/2021

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