Last Updated: May 14, 2022

How to Update Task Details
User: Site Supervisor
Task Details allows you to update the details of existing tasks from its schedule to assigned resources.

To create a ticket, go to Projects located on the sidebar and select the project where you would like to check a task.

On the Project page, head to the sidebar once again and click on Quality and Safety under Solutions.

Under the expanded list, select Task Details workflow.

On the Task List workflow, click on Create Ticket to open the form.

Select the Task Group where the task you want to update is under.

On the Task field, select the task that you want to update. The form will automatically load all information associated with the task.

Update the necessary fields:

Start date: If the task start date needs to be edited.
End date: If the task end date needs to be edited.
Assigned to: Assign the task to available personnel.
Status: Update the status of the task.
Remarks: Add additional comments about the task.

Attach the photo of the task, or you may attach the photo of the accomplished task if the task has undergone inspection.

Under the form’s Resource section, if a task is assigned to someone, you may click on Search to filter the person appointed to the task.

You may edit the contents of each field in the table if they are necessary to update.

Then, add any additional resources if the task requires it.

Once done, you may submit the ticket. The task will update the item in the Task record.
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