Last Updated: May 18, 2022

How to Check Completed Tasks for Rework
User: Task Inspector

Go to the Project dashboard and select Quality and Safety, then click on Rework Inspection.
On the Rework Inspection summary tab, click Create Ticket.
All tasks tagged as Completed will appear under the Inspection Checklist Section of the form

Once you have inspected each task, tick the checkbox beside a task and update its Status. You may tag the task as:
Closed: the task has been reviewed and completed
Rework: the task is for rework
Cancelled: the task is stopped indefinitely
Quo: the task cannot continue as planned and left as is

Once all tasks in the list are inspected and updated, click on Submit Ticket.

Once the ticket is submitted, the status of the inspected tasks will update in the Task record.
All tasks tagged as Rework will be up for resource assignment in the Task Management workflow.

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