Last Updated: May 16, 2022

How to Submit a Punch List Item
User: Inspector or Site Supervisor

Inspectors and Site Supervisors may use the Punch List workflow to insert a new task that needs immediate attention during the inspection process. Once a new task is identified, they can easily notify the builder that a new task is added via the punch list.

I. Via Design Plan
Log in to Steer and select a project.
On the sidebar, select Design Plan and go to the drawing where you want to submit a punch list item.
Select the Punch List tab.

Click the ticket icon on the tool bar. This enables you to pin an area on the drawing where you want to set the punch list task.

Then, click anywhere on the drawing where you want to set the punch list task and fill out the following fields:
Drawing Name: the name of the drawing where the punch list task occurs.
Drawing Version: the version of the mentioned drawing
Inspection Request:
Inspection ID

Photo: photo attachment of the task, if any
Task Category: the category where the punch list item will be included
Task: create a name of the punch list task
Priority: set the priority level of punch list task
Location: include the location of the task
Remarks: additional information, if any

Once the form is filled out, click Submit Ticket.

II. Via Workflow
Log in to Steer and select the project where you want to submit a punch list item.
On the sidebar, select Quality and Safety and then Punch List
On the Punch List workflow, select Create Ticket
Create a Subject for your Punch List Item.

Add a new task under Task List and fill out the form.

You may add more than one task. Once done, click on Submit Ticket.

Once the form is submitted, it will create a new item under the Task record.
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