Last Updated: May 18, 2022

Once all tasks under a certain work package are accomplished, the Project Manager must update the Gantt chart to notify the developers of the completed tasks. These tasks will then undergo the QA inspection process that will be initiated by the Developer.

To mark a Work Package as complete in the Gantt chart:

Go to the Project dashboard and select the Gantt chart on the sidebar.
Once the Gantt chart loads on a new tab, update the work package progress to 100.
Work packages often appear as a line of a parent task that comprises several tasks under it. Its progress percentage can only be set to 100 when all tasks under that work package are set to 100%.

The progress of 4.1 Walls is greyed out because its value is automatically computed and dependent on the tasks under that work package.

Once its value is set, you can set the work package's status color to blue to show that it is completed and ready for inspection.
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