Last Updated: May 18, 2022

On Steer, the inspection process of a work package involves the Contractor and the Developer. In this process the Contractor fulfills the tasks covered by a work package and the Developer inspects the work done before the work package can be cleared for payment.

Here's how you can set a completed work package for inspection as a Contractor:
Once all tasks in a work package are complete, go to the Gantt chart and set the progress of all tasks under the work package to 100.
This will prompt the Developer to check the work package and conduct an inspection.
2.a. If all tasks on that work package passed the inspection, you may initiate the billing to the Developer for the completed work package.
2.b. If a task is tagged by the inspector as Failed, it will need to be reworked until the task is satisfactorily fulfilled according to the Inspector.
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