Last Updated: February 15, 2021

The Task List App is a requirement in order to configure a Work Scheduler. To get things started, let us first create a record and name it as the Task List App.

In the Form Builder, add two columns and then drag and drop Text Field elements into each column

You can define the first column as Name which will serve as the name of your tasks. The second column can be defined as Duration which will serve as the number of hours reserved in the tasks. As for the Duration, make sure to set its input type into Number. These two fields are important so you know what tasks you will be doing and the time allotted for each task, after it has been assigned to you in the work calendar.

Once you are done building the form builder, set the columns to display in mobile, proceed to User Settings, and save the Task List Record App. After successfully creating the app, proceed by adding data to it.

Take note that when configuring a work scheduler, you cannot use the Task List App unless there are data stored in it.

Configuring a Work Scheduler

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