Last Updated: October 29, 2021

Parallel Assignment

Parallel assignment allows you to assign two or more users to review and process a form section in a given process step. Enabling parallel assignment in a form section will trigger the condition that the request will only move to the next step once all the approvers have processed the request.

How to configure Parallel Assignment
Step 1: Once on the User Settings section of creating a workflow, choose a process step between second and second to the last step where you want to enable parallel assignment.

Step 2: Tick the Enable Parallel Assignment checkbox on top of the page.

ⓘ Parallel Assignment can only be enabled from the second step up to the second to the last step of the process.
Step 3: Assign two or more users in the chosen process step who will be responsible in reviewing the request.

Step 4: Once all actors are assigned to their respective process step and form sections, assign viewers to your workflow.

Parallel Assignment in Approving Cases
Step 1: Submit a request using the workflow where you enabled Parallel Assignment.
Step 2: Once the request is submitted, have the first reviewer approve the request. The status of the request will update for that approver, but it will remain in the same process step until all remaining Actors approve the request or one of them decides to reject or reject and review the request.

ⓘ Rejecting a case request automatically moves the case to the Done lane, while Reject and Review returns the case to the requestor for Resubmission, allowing for changes to the details of the request.

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