Last Updated: February 15, 2021

After building the form, proceed to the Process Flow and select a lane where you want to enable the On the Fly Assignment. Upon clicking on the lane, tick the checkbox for Allow assigning to specific people.

Based on the image above, we enable the on the fly assignment on the HR Processing lane. However, the user/s assigned on the prior lane (Supervisor Approval) from where you enabled the on the fly assignment, will be the ones to select whom they want to assign the ticket to next.

After building the process, proceed to the User Settings to assign users in each process step and publish the workflow.


Upon reaching the Supervisor Approval lane, a Special Assignment dropdown will appear in the form. This will list down the users assigned in the HR Processing step. The supervisor will select from the list of users where they want to assign the ticket to next, and the selected user will be the only one to receive the ticket.

On the Fly Assignment

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