Last Updated: September 27, 2021

Creating a Work Scheduler in your workflow allows you to track booking as well as scheduled services and jobs on your Workboard. In this article, you will learn how to set up a scheduler in the Process Flow designer.


Before you can configure this feature, you must have a record table for the Task List. Click here to learn how to configure the Task List App.

Minimum Column Requirements:
1. Name
2: Duration (hours)


Step 1: In the Form Builder, drag a dropdown element in a column and use External Dataset to connect the record table. Select Name for Display Column.

Step 2: Proceed to Process Flow and select a step lane where you want to enable the scheduler. Note that you cannot enable scheduler in the following process step lanes:
the first step lane
the second to the last step lane, and
the last step lane.

Step 3: Tick the box beside Enable Scheduler View. The fields for Task List Dropdown and Duration Column will appear.
Task List Dropdown: The dropdown from the form builder that connects to the task list record table.
Duration Column: Specify the Duration column from the record table.

Step 4: Save the configuration you made. Once the scheduler has been saved in a step lane, you cannot configure a another scheduler to other step lanes anymore.
Step 5: In the User Settings, you need to add at least 1 more user in the Requests lane, aside from the process creator, in order for the Work Scheduler to appear later on.

ⓘ NOTE: The process creator will be the one to assign tickets to the resources in the work board later on.


The actual form contains the list of tasks from the record table. Simply select from the following tasks and submit the ticket. The tickets submitted will be redirected to the user assigned in the lane where the Work Scheduler was enabled.


Step 1: Go to the process Workboard.
Step 2: Select the lane where you enable the scheduler. You will be redirected to the page that contains the tickets under that lane.
Step 3: Select a ticket and click on the Work Calendar tab. You can assign work hours (Start Time and End time) of each user when you click on their name.

Step 4: Drag a ticket from the task list to the calendar. A window will appear to set the start time and travel time (or duration) of the task. Note that the value you enter in the travel time will be added to the Duration column in the record table.
Step 5: Click Commit Schedule to successfully assign the task to the users. After committing the schedule, the user will be notified of the new task/s assigned to them.


To assign multiple people in a task, click on the task name in the calendar after setting its Start Time and Travel Time.

A pop-up will appear where you just have to tick the checkbox to enable assigning the task to multiple users. Then expand the dropdown to see the list of users where you can assign the task.

Work Scheduler

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