Last Updated: November 25, 2021

Being a process owner is not easy. In order for you and your team to push for efficiency, you have to constantly experiment how to best re-engineer your process to maximize going digital. Here are some best practices that we have compiled to help you build better processes on QuickReach.

1. Start by determining your groups, datasets and records

Before creating a process, you can start by creating a Group, Datasets, and Records that you might need later on for configuring columns and users.

ⓘ NOTE: Managing Groups and creating datasets are only applicable to Admin Accounts.

2. Collaborate frequently with stakeholders on the form and process design

Collaborate frequently with all the stakeholders in the process to ensure that the form contains all the information that they want to see and that the cases or requests are going to be assigned to the correct users.

For example, you can opt to save the form as a draft, and show the form preview during your process revisit meeting.

When you create a form from a scratch, you have to give your form a Workflow Name, Category, Solution, Description (optional), and Tags (optional). Afterwards, you can finally begin designing your form.

3. Determine the Required Fields

To create the content of the form, begin by adding a row or column, and drag a form element from the toolbox inside it. Or you can also start by listing all the fields that you will need in the form, followed by determining which fields you need to mark as required. This way, you can work on designing your form continuously.

When you mark a column as Required, it will become a necessary field to be filled up in the form. Unless the required field is filled up, the requestor will not be able to submit the form.

4. Describe a Form Section

When you add another section in your form, it would be best to give it a name and a description. For example, you can set your section description by emphasizing the fields you have marked as required, or simply by describing what that certain section is for. You can edit the permissions in the Access Settings for each section later on.

5. Use an External Dataset

Datasets can be used upon configuring columns with Dropdown and Radio Button elements. Datasets store all the related data gathered in a table. When you allow the use of a dataset in a column, it will display all the records stored in the data table which will serve as the choices when filling it up in the form.

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