Last Updated: November 26, 2021


At QuickReach, we define app as a single record or workflow. One example would be an Inventory record app where you store records related to inventory such product codes, product images, available stock, etc.

There are two types of app on QuickReach:

1. Workflow
2. Record

- A Workflow is a set of information that all the users need to process in a set of defined actions. This is where the information goes through steps of approval and review.

- A Record allows you to set different permissions for each user you will grant access to in a record. It can also be used in a workflow to refer to its data, and even build relationships among records that belong in different solutions, as well as unassigned ones.


A solution is a collection of workflow apps, records apps, and data tables that are grouped for a single purpose. For example, an HR Leave Management Solution would comprised of an Employee List record app, Leave Balance data table, and a Leave Approval workflow app.

When you combine different solutions and apps, this makes for an integrated business with accurate records and faster turnaround of approvals.

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